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Vol 10 No 5, August 1998, Copyright © 1998 by The Crystal Club, Columbus, OH

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Treasurer - Dianna

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From the President

Vacations & Validation


During the month of July, I decided I needed a mini-vacation. For over a year now I have belonged to an online group that started as a discussion group about the book "The Celestine Prophecy. We have since branched of into topics about metaphysics, past lives, our purpose here on earth, etc.

The group decided to plan a get-together so we could meet those we have been talking with online. They decided it would be in Asheville NC, mainly because the Smoky Mountains are considered a high energy area and that would fit in with what we were discussing. I drove down on Sunday, July 12th and arrived at the hotel where we would all meet.

Soon five other women had joined me in the lobby and we kind of "knew" who everyone was and had a great time chatting. Within a few minutes, Aynne arrived with her husband, Ed. She has been the group leader online and Ed enjoys this kind of stuff, so he decided he would tag along. I kind of felt bad for Ed because he was the only male in our group, but he turned out to be a lot of fun. He is a police officer from New York State and it was kind of reassuring to have him around.

We went to many places in the area, one of which was Chimney Rock. Four of us climbed to the top and it was simply beautiful to sit on top of this huge rock with the wind blowing in your face and watching a peregrine falcon fly through the valley below.

My last night there, we had a cookout at Becky's house. After eating, we formed a drumming circle, (this was new to me and I wasn't sure what to do), but it turned out to be a neat way to get "in touch" with your inner self. After that, we went around the circle and did a form of past life regression which involved using a flashlight and red cloth. One person would hold the flashlight on themselves and the others in the circle would look for other past life personalities that would appear.

I thought, yeah right!, but after watching the first person, I could start to see the other past life manifestations form. It was really neat and strange, especially when two or more of us would see the same thing at the same time. Many of the women had male forms appear, meaning they were males in a past life. I was thinking, Oh brother, this should be interesting when it gets around to me (talk about getting read) !

Finally it was my turn. Earlier in the evening I had mentioned the fact that because I have had no feeling of a past life, this may be my first trip to this world. Well, that idea was quickly dispersed! With my eyes closed, I held the red covered light on myself and waited. (I was thinking, oh God, what were they going to see). Soon Becky said, "Oh wow! I see one of those pointy hats with ribbons on top. You're some kind of princess in the middle ages." About 30 seconds after that Aynne said "Oh, I see you going back farther than that. I can now see a woman of power in the days of ancient Egypt who is having a hard time dealing with others who are trying to influence her. It must be a difficult time for her." (Well, that was interesting!).

Later in the evening as I was chatting with two girls with whom I had become quite close. We got on the topic of divorce and I mentioned that I had just missed 30 years by a few months. Becky was going through the same thing and asked me what my husband was like and why we divorced after so many years. Soooo, I figured now was a good time to tell them what was going on and started by telling them that my name at birth was that of a male. They still did not catch on so I told them the rest of my story and waited for their reaction.

Well, after their heads stopped spinning around, they gave me the biggest hug, said they had no idea and were still not sure I wasn't teasing them, but went on to say that they did notice that my voice was a bit low but they did not think anything of it. We then seemed to become closer than ever. They said they saw me as a very special person who could see both sides of the gender issues and we have talked online often after I returned home.

This was truly a rewarding and validating trip. It was my first experience at interacting on a close personal level with other women who had no idea that I was anything other that one of them. It was very rewarding.

Editor Notes

by Jannie Abeille


You hold in your hands my first attempt as the Crystal Chronicle editor! Hope you enjoy, and that Kelly enjoys the break.

I had an interesting event happen last week. I finally had a week to myself! No work, no nothin! I spent the whole week with one of my favorite people, me! That is, the Jannie me.

I was really enjoying the week. I discovered that Fridays are really great days, especially for apartment dwellers. You see, on some Fridays, the management sends out those special people to Help Build a Better Community. This Friday, it was the Wonderful Exterminator. And ya know what makes the Exterminator so wonderful? Keys. Thats right, simple, ordinary, door keys. Hell actually USE those keys, mind you. Hell figure, Hey, no ones answering, so Ill just let myself in!

I found out that I have one super human ability; I can leap across my apartment in a single bound! A quick wedge of the foot behind the door bought me a few extra minutes while he went to another apartment. After a flurry of press-on nails and unmentionables, my apartment was safe again for unknowing visitors. I must say, Murphy Beds are great for hiding stuff, quick! But speaking from experience, if you put too much into em, they tend to pop open...

Julys Meeting

by Jannie Abeille


Due to another T event scheduled at the same time, Julys meeting was a bit quiet. The main topic of discussion was what we should do for the October meeting. There was strong support for having a Halloween Party. However, we would need to decide if we should invite other groups, and where it should be held. Many people felt that it would be all right if we invited another group, if that group was also of another alternative lifestyle (for example, Stonewall Union, or the gay-positive church where we hold our meetings). However, some members expressed concern, that if we invited other groups, we should hold the party some place else. Some suggestions included a hotel or a reserved park. Please, if you have any concerns or opinions, bring them to the next meeting, or mention it to an officer.

Attendees at the July meeting were: Diana Mills, Diana Brit, Cheri & Julie, Michelle, Kate, Rikki, Renee & Ann, Jamie Elizabeth, James (a new comer!), Trisha, Pam, Dawn, and some guy claiming to be Jannies evil twin!

Refreshments were provided by Diana Mills. Thank you, Diana!

Pride Night '98 at King's Island Amusement Park


Here is an article reprinted from the Autumn 1998 edition of the Stonewall Journal. The event takes place on our regular meeting night, but some of us may wish to attend anyway. Diana suggested that it could be used to replace our meeting (assuming theres enough support). The things Id like us to consider is if we could have a place to change before and after the event, and if we could arrange a car pool. If we could arrange these things, Im definitely going! Let your officers know if you have any concerns or thoughts. Jannie On September 25th, the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Greater Cincinnati (GLCCGC) [which is reported to be trans-inclusive in their mission statement] will host Pride Night '98 at King's Island amusement park. This event, expected to draw over 5000 people, provides the GLB community with an opportunity to celebrate and have fun together at a premier amusement park without having to fight huge crowds and long lines. People can expect about a five minute wait time instead of an hour and half," said Dave Hughes, co-chair of Pride Night '98. "We can get together as a group and party, yet have the whole place to ourselves."

Mr. Hughes also explained that Pride Night '98 does not detract from the unofficial Pride gathering that takes place at King's Island each June. The September event serves both as a private party and as a fundraiser for GLCCGC. Since King's Island enters its off-season in September, GLCCGC can rent the entire park out at a lower price and then use the ticket sales to fund its organizational activities. In contrast, all the ticket sales at the June Pride gathering go to the park rather than the community.

Tickets for Pride Night '98 are available at Stonewall Columbus for $25. Tickets purchased at Stonewall will benefit both Stonewall Columbus and GLCCGC. You can also purchase tickets for $28.50 by calling Box Office Tickets at 1-800-494-TIXS or for $30 at the gate.

The hours of the event are from 5pm until 11pm, and the parking lot opens at 4pm. There will be live entertainment from regional GLB artists and performers at the park.

For more information you can contact GLCCGC's web site at or e-mail

Kevin Lee

My Change of Name

by Mary Ann Harris Horton


There comes a time in a women's life when she gives up her maiden name and takes another. I've come to that time.

Most of you know me as Mary Ann Harris. I chose this name many years ago when I was closeted. Indeed, I count my birthday from June 8, 1987 when my name revealed itself to me. But as I've come out, there has been plenty of confusion in people who know me as both Mark and Mary Ann.

I've decided that, now that I'm out, I don't need to hide behind a different last name. My male name is Mark Horton. As a woman, I'm now using the name Mary Ann Horton. Harris is now my maiden name.

I've done a lot of work as Mary Ann Harris, work that I'm very happy about. Now I'll continue to work, live, and celebrate as both Mark Horton and as Mary Ann Horton.

Trans Across America


Last month, Time Magazine had a report about the political efforts of transgendered people. It reports on the efforts of several organizations, from business to government. It also included a mention of Lucent Technologies, Mary Anns employer. Instead of reprinting the entire article, I encourage you to find the issue at the library, or access the article from the Internet. The issue information and web address are given below.

Time Magazine, July 20, 1998, vol. 152, no. 3 Society Section

Correction: New Orleans Law


Last month we posted an article telling everyone that New Orleans had passed a law protecting cross dressers who went to work dressed as their second self. This appears to be incorrect. Below is a commentary by Nancy Sharp.

The city attorney made changes to the law, which were probably made to satisfy some council members concerns. It looks like they wanted to be able to state that: 1) The ordinance allows an employer to establish dress codes and 2) That "cross-dressing" in the workplace could be prohibited in ALL instances (TSs do not cross-dress).

The issue of occasional cross-dressing in the workplace was THE issue considered to be a "showstopper" for supporters. Once they could say they were not forcing an employer to allow "cross-dressing" in the workplace, they could support the ordinance. Of course, they did want to stipulate that individuals who were adhering to a medical treatment plan could follow the plan without being subjected to discrimination from his/her employer. This provided the basis for forcing the employer to make a "reasonable and necessary" accommodation for TSs.

It looks like the "line" is drawn at the door to the workplace. You cross the line by CDing at work. However, the employee's rights take precedence if the employer discriminates against a CDer for activities away from work. This ordinance did shift that line in New Orleans and place it at the door of the workplace. Before, the line was firmly at the closet door!! CDers did gain some "territory." Along with the territory came protections to freely go to public establishments and enjoy the things the City of New Orleans has to offer. The city has said, that if you are a CDer, you are welcome in our city. Come and enjoy and we will protect your rights and protect you from violence from others who may be biased against you.

Gender Variant Parent Survey


We were asked to reprint a survey request for our newsletter. This addresses a very important topic in our community, and I know there are many members who are also parents. The associated article appears below, while the survey itself is attached at the end of the newsletter. Please take the time to complete it, and return to Ms. Brogan (her address is listed below, and on the questionnaire.)

Following is a call for stories and information from gender variant parents (not necessarily restricted to those that identify as "trans"). Please pass this along, in whatever format is appropriate to as many people as you know that may have an interest in this subject. The greater the participation, the greater the possibility for something positive to come from our lives and our efforts!

Are you a Parent? Does your "gender" deviate from someone's "norm?"

If you are gender variant (and, really, how many of us aren't?) and a parent, please take a few minutes and respond to this request. I am gathering stories from parents. This is a totally confidential project that I have undertaken to document how gender variant parents deal with (or are dealt with, in some cases!) being parents and all the attendant things that surround it. As you share your story please consider some of the following questions, but please don't limit your response and/or discussion to these points, I am interested in hearing about YOUR experiences, as you wish to share them.

What I intend to do with these stories and this information:

This is the first step in developing an information database and support network for gender-variant parents. At this point, I simply wish to understand the issues that parents have faced vis-a-vis their children and their gender variance. From this information, I, working with appropriate professionals, intend to develop a formal questionnaire and survey. I then intend to present the results of that more formal survey at major gender conferences. The first would likely be next year, probably the IFGE Coming Together Conference. I anticipate recruiting child psychologists, marriage counselors, attorneys, a panel of gender variant parents, kids with "out" parents, etc. to put on presentations and workshops that address the growing and complex needs of gender variant folk and their offspring. Some of these folk are already well known leaders of our community, are in my database, and have agreed to both the concept and their participation! I will also share the results with all survey participants and anyone else who requests it.

From that effort, I hope to establish an awareness of the issues and challenges facing those of us gender variant folk that are also struggling with raising children.

Eventually, I intend that this work form the foundation for a longer-term study of gender variant parents, optimally a "sanctioned" study (undertaken, for example, by a university) that will provide usable evidence as to the "fitness" of gender variant parents. I anticipate that this work will be similar to that which was conducted in the gay and lesbian communities in the late '70s and '80s and I believe it will provide usable evidence that gender variant parents are not less fit and their children not less "well-adapted" than any other parent or child.

If you know of a gender variant parent that has not responded to this, please pass this along to them in whatever format is appropriate.

Thank you!

Denise Brogan

Address 118 So. Westshore Blvd. #255 Tampa, FL 33609

Phone (727) 785-3186 E-Mail

ITO! Corner
Transgender Inclusion in Stonewall Columbus

by Mary Ann Horton


The gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender portion of the Equal Rights movement began in New York City in June of 1969. At that time, it was routine for the police to raid gay bars, beating and humiliating anyone there. Anyone not wearing at least three pieces of clothing matching their biological sex could be arrested. In one such raid, at the Stonewall Inn, the occupants fought back. Transsexuals, drag queens, and butch lesbians led the fight. A movement was born.

This movement was at first called "gay rights. After many years of focussing on gay white men, the name changed to "gay and lesbian." By the early 1990's it had become "gay, lesbian, and bisexual" or simply LesBiGay. In 1995, many organizations started to add "transgender" to their mission statements. Nowadays, most major organizations have become trans-inclusive in their missions.

Notably missing from the trans-inclusive groups is Stonewall Columbus, the leading community center and referral group in Central Ohio. Stonewall has listed transgender groups and events for years, and has encouraged us to use their facilities for our meetings. But their literature constantly trumpeted the phrase "gay, lesbian, and bisexual." Even trans-inclusive groups were listed in their referral guide as "GLB. The mindset at Stonewall Columbus is behind the times, and their leadership position causes other Central Ohio group to copy their language. When the 1998 June Pride event was titled "LesBiGay Holiday, it hurt. Something had to change. What day was it supposed to be for transgendered people - Monday?

It's Time, Ohio! inquired of Stonewall how to go about changing Stonewall's mission. We were hoping to establish a dialog with Stonewall and work toward trans-inclusion. At first we were told to address their board meeting. Later it was changed - we were to write them a letter, which we did. After being unable to even get our phone calls returned, we finally got a response: "No." A formal letter from Stonewall contained misinformed statements like "We believe our language `Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual' already includes you" and "There aren't enough of you."

Then something wonderful happened. Outlook, Columbus's leading gay newspaper, called us to do a story. Outlook was outraged that Stonewall had said "no" and wanted to do an expose. It's Time! decided to take a more positive approach. Outlook ran a cover story in our defense, with a very positive tone. We received many phone calls and letters of support.

Suddenly Stonewall was interested in talking with us. Our phone calls and e-mail got through. We met with Jeff Redfield, the Executive Director of Stonewall. He listened to us. We were asked to participate in events for Pride month. The tone of the dialog changed. It now feels as if there is a more careful decision process in the works, with transgender education for Stonewall and a constructive dialog. Some of us have applied for seats on Stonewall's board.

While my son and I were running the It's Time! table at the gayfest, unknown to us, another miracle was occurring. Up the street, dozens of students from Antioch College were marching in the parade. They carried banners protesting Stonewall's refusal to include us. We heard of this wonderful event days later, and we didn't know whom to thank. The event was covered by the Gay People's Chronicle (of Cleveland), complete with a photo. A heartfelt THANK YOU! to the wonderful students of Antioch College!

The dialog continues with Stonewall Columbus. We are hopeful that, a few months from now, the GLBT community of Columbus will be whole in name and in deed. I'll keep you posted.

Childs Play - Part III

by Kelly Davidson


The light from the room suddenly came shinning down on me. I looked up and saw Mrs. Smith standing there with big smile on her face. I was fearing the worst, but her face told me she wasn't upset or grossed out by what she saw. In fact, it was the opposite, she looked totally happy. Not only did Mrs. Smith want me to be her little girl, I think she actually believed it.

"Oh Susan!" she squealed with delight. "You look soooo adorable. Your sister didn't look as good in this dress as you do. Come out of that closet so I can get a better look at you." She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the middle of the room. "Oh my, what a pretty little girl you are."

"I couldn't get the dressed zipped up all the way, Mrs. Smith."

"Mommy," she replied back to me. "Remember? And that's okay, Iíll do it for you sugar. I just can't believe how good you look in this dress, it's perfect on you. However, we are going to have to do something about this petticoat, it's a little low." She knelt down and had me lift up part of my dress while she made some adjustments to it.

"Lower your dress now," she told me. "Okay, that looks much better." Moving my hair to one side she zipped up my dress and straightened out the collar and some bows. Looking carefully at me she said, "There are still a few things we need to take care of to complete this outfit. Come with me".

Taking my hand she led me into her bedroom.

The shoes were tight and the petticoat rustled against my legs, which caused the skirt to sway back and forth as I walked. It was a struggle for me not to fall, let alone walk in this outfit. Somehow I managed to make it into to her bedroom without falling over.

"Sit down in the chair at the makeup table." she commanded. Easier said then done. Every time I tried to sit down, I had a pile of ruffles to fight with. Mrs. Smith just watched with amusement.

"Here, try sitting down this way," which she then showed me. Her way ended up working out much better then mine, and I was able to sit without having my dress sticking up. The chair was already soft but all the ruffles from the petticoat made me feel like I was sitting on a couple of pillows.

The makeup table she sat me at was huge and meant for serious business. It had three, large mirrors and six sets of drawers (three on each side). The two side mirrors were placed at a 45 degree angle, which allowed me to see what I looked like from both sides. On the table were several smaller mirrors, numerous bottles of perfume and makeup, lipstick, hairbrushes, and some jewelry.

Mrs. Smith picked up a brush and started bushing my hair, working on the front curl to make it more noticeable. When this was done, she laid the brush down and pulled from one of the drawers a big, white bow. With great care she attached it to the back of my head. The ribbons from the bow almost ran down to the end of my hair.

From another drawer she pulled out a pair of white, lace gloves and told me to put them on. The ends of the gloves almost went up to my elbows. Mrs. Smith explained that they had been her mothers and was glad one of her girls would enjoy wearing them.

From still another drawer she pulled out a white, pearl necklace. Placing it around my neck, it hung just above the collar of my dress. I had never thought of trying on my mothers jewelry before and seeing the necklace had me spell-bound.

"Okay, we need to add some makeup to give you the right effect," she said as she picked up a bottle off the table. "I need you to sit very still while I put this on, so don't move." Over the next half hour she applied blush, eye shadow and liner, pink lipstick, nail polish and finally, some of the sweetest-smelling perfume I had ever smelled in my life, even to this day.

When she was all done, Mrs. Smith stood back and looked at me. "Oh Susan, you look so beautiful. " There was a lot emotion in her voice. "Youre a living doll in that dress. I can't wait to show you off." She got down on her knees and gave me a big hug. "We're going to have so much fun today, just you and me. Girl fun that is."

A thought caught in my mind. "Mommy, what do you mean you can't wait to show me off?" I asked nervously.

"Did I say that?" she said as a sly smile came to her face. "Sorry, I didn't mean too. Wishful thinking, I guess. Anyway young lady, we have work to do. It's one thing to look like a little girl, it's quite another to act like one. The contest is next month and you have a lot to learn. I'll make you a promise, if you work hard this morning, I'll take it easy on you for the afternoon. Agree?"

Before I had a chance to answer, she took my hand and led me into the living room. Over the next couple of hours I was taught how to sit, walk and act like a proper little girl. Mrs. Smith was teaching me all the things I needed to know to compete in the contest. In fact she made the comment, "With your looks, poise, and that dress you're going to be contender Susanna. Now give me a smile," she said as I posed for a picture, sitting in a chair with my legs bent sideways, hands together resting on the skirt and my hair flowing down my shoulders. It was during this time I saw my mother get into her car and drive away. I was a lot more relaxed after this.

I continued to relearn how to do things until about noon. Mrs. Smith looked at the clock and said, "Lets stop now and have lunch." I agreed but instead of heading to the kitchen she led me back to her bedroom. Going to her closet she pulled out a white blouse and handed it to me. "Here, lets put this on over your dress so we don't get food on it." A new wave of excitement came over me. It was one thing to be wearing Lisa's clothes, now I was trying on Mrs. Smith stuff. I was hoping she would hand me a skirt or something else to wear but instead we walked back to the kitchen. From the side of the refrigerator she pulled out a fancy apron and placed it over me.

"There, I think that should be okay. We don't want to get anything on your pretty dress, now do we? So, what shall we fix for lunch?" We decided on some grilled cheese sandwiches, which I helped make.

After we ate and cleaned up the dishes, I removed the blouse (with much reluctance) and handed it back to Mrs. Smith. "We need to freshen up your makeup but that can wait a while. Since you worked so hard this morning, I'm going to let you play while I do some needle work."

The news made me happy. True, I was living out a dream and so far it had been more than I could have hoped for. But I had grown tired from the routine of relearning to walk, sit and talk like a little girl just so I could impress a judge in a contest which, I would never be in. In fact, not only was I tired, I had become bored with this make-believe game. While I still liked the idea of dressing up and even acting like a little girl, the things Mrs. Smith made me do hadn't been as fun as I thought they would be. Realities never live up to your dreams.

Then there was my age. If I had been older the situation would have been different. But at eleven years old, my attention span wasn't that long. The little kid inside me had had enough. He wanted to go outside to run and play with his friends. He needed to do something different.

"Can I go outside and play?" I asked, thinking I could change back into my own clothes and go to the park. My friends would be starting a baseball game about this time.

"I'm afraid not Susan." Mrs. Smith replied. "I don't want you to get your dress dirty and I'm not ready for you to take it off yet." The reply took me back, I hadn't been prepared for that answer.

"But I really want to go outside," I began to whine. "Please, can't I change and go outside. I need to get some fresh air and stretch my legs." "Sorry Susan, I need you to keep that dress on for a little while longer." She looked at me with a sly smile. "I guess if you want, we could go for a walk in the park. Would that help?"

"In this?" I responded, holding out my skirt. "My friends would laugh at me.

"No, they wouldn't, Susan. In fact, I bet your friends would fight over each other just to sit next to such a pretty little girl on the swing. I know the dress is a little more fancy then most girls wear, but I don't think they would make fun of you because of it."

Clearly Mrs. Smith wasn't thinking straight or she didn't understand the situation. Had she forgotten who I really was? "But I'm not really a little girl, that's the problem," I shouted.

ďOh, really?" She walked me over to the mirror. "Look at yourself, Susanna. Youíre beautiful and complete. Nobody could ever tell that there is a boy in there."

I looked at the person in the mirror and realized she was right. It wasn't a boy wearing a dress that I saw. It was little girl in a lacy, pink outfit with white bows and ribbons. She had long, blonde hair that flowed down to her waist and a big, white bow that hung on the back of her head. The shinny black shoes, the white gloves, even the ruffles peaked out from underneath my dress now and then, they all helped to make me into the illusion of being a little girl.

"You just need to believe that the person in the mirror is really who it appears to be," She whispered in my ear. "If it helps, I believe you are the prettiest little girl a mother could ever have." Mrs. Smith wrapped her arms around me and squeezed me tightly. "I've enjoyed myself this morning. How about you? Have you enjoyed yourself?"

I nodded my head and stared at her happy face in the mirror. For the first time in my life, I was in love. I didn't want her to stop hugging me and I would have done anything to make her happy. She was much different than my mother, who I could never seem to please. Mrs. Smith accepted me for who I was and didn't expect me to be someone I wasn't. I knew she wouldn't yell at me for getting a B+ on a math test instead of an A. She would have been happy just knowing I had tried.

I loved the way Mrs. Smith smelled and how she dressed. The clothes she wore, usually dresses or skirts, were always so pretty and stylish than other women her age. She was everything a man, in my case an 11 year old, could want. How could I refuse her request?

"So, do you want to go for a walk or stay inside and play?" She asked. It wasn't what I had wanted but actually, it wasn't going to be too bad. True, I couldn't go outside and play baseball like I wanted to but on the other hand, Lisa had a number of great toys I didn't have and most of the time she hogged them whenever we played together. Now I could have them all to myself. I guess playing in the house one afternoon wouldn't kill me. In fact, the more I thought about it the better the idea sounded. I could play with some neat toys and still remain dressed.

"I guess I would rather stay inside, Mommy. Do you think it would be okay if I got out Lisa's race car set?"

"Actually, I had something else in mind for you to play with," she said as she took my hand and led the way. I didn't like the way she said that.


from Mavis K Murray


There is a gentle tension in all of us. Am I she or am I he, or are we us?

I like to brush my wavy hair, or are they hairs? I'm preening my presentation for our life-sharing community.

Whence come hairs and all these images? Whence go our heirs and all their reflections?

Some are well-endowed, some like a damsel in distress. We'll do our best, and crown it with a shared smile.

Whence comes gender anyway? Moses leaves us in wonder: "So God created man in his image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them." (Genesis 1:28)

Moses does not introspect. Life has a more pressing calling: "And God blessed them, and God said to them, Be fruitful, and multiply!....." (Genesis 1:29)

Onward , sisters! Onward , brothers! Onward in blessed integrity, alone and in family community.

Let the Crystal Chronicle record your story. Get on with the fruitful life that is God's promise to all God's People.

MKM 7/18/98

Upcoming Events

September 98


2-3: Sexuality and Gender in 20th Century Europe Dr Petra Bagley, or Dr. Helen Jones Department of Languages, University of Central Lancashire, Preston PR1 2HE; tel: 01772 - 893927 or 893126 fax: 01772 - 892919 or 892909

11-12: Creating Healthy Lives: A Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Women's Health Conference University of Illinois at Chicago LCCP, Conference Planning Committee, 4753 N Broadway, STE 602, Chicago, IL 60640 (

25: Pride Night '98 at King's Island Amusement Park For more information you can contact GLCCGC's web site at or e-mail

30 - 10/4: Southern Comfort Conference Atlanta, GA, Southern Comfort Conference P.O. Box 77591, Atlanta, GA 30357-1591

15-19, S.P.I.C.E.: Spouse/Partners International Conference for Education in Atlanta, GA. For info call 510-235-7450 Pacific Time; 918-343-1953 Central Time; 215-860-9271 Eastern Time or email to:

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