The Crystal Club

Columbus, Ohio, USA
A Support Group for Crossdressers,
Transexuals, and Their Families

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The Crystal Club

The Crystal Club is a non-profit support group for crossdressers, transsexuals, female impersonators, and other transgender individuals. Spouses and significant others are welcome and are encouraged to participate. Both male-to-female and female-to-male individuals are welcome. Members from related organizations, helpful professionals, and approved guests are welcome when cleared through a Crystal Club elected officer. Club policies, meeting dates, locations, and fees are available on request.

Crystal Club History

The Crystal Club was founded by a group of crossdressers and transexuals to provide a meeting place which would allow mutual support and discussion of gender issues. It would also provide a safe place to met and allow expression of the crossdressing experience for members.

After meeting informally for several months in individuals homes, the group decided to meet in one of the area motels to provide greater security for the membership. A constitution was written which still provides guidelines for club operation.

The Crystal Club is a non-profit organization in which all dues and fees provide for the continuing operation of the club.

Crystal Club Activities

Among its activities the club provides a meeting place and a means of expression for the members. It also allows the individual member to progress at his or her own rate in the search for their own identity. The club provides an atmosphere in which gender issues can be discussed in an understanding fashion.

Members are helpful in providing a means of public expression if this is the desire of the new member. Some meetings are held in public areas and of course attendance is optional in all cases. Among the past activities have been Christmas parties, picnics, Halloween parties, speakers on various issues such as wigs, make-up, gender issues, fashion, deportment and others. Future events are determined by the membership and the officers of the club. All members are invited to take part in the agenda making process.

Common Questions

How is my real identity protected?
Most members use a gender name. Your legal name is not given to the membership, nor is our mailing list sold to any other organization. Only members such as the treasurer, newsletter editor and president have access to membership files.
Are most members gay?
Most crossdressers are not gay. While we probably have some gay members, the majority are probably heterosexual. This is not normally an issue.
Where does the club meet?
Meetings are generally held in a local church. Meetings are also held at other locations. These will be announced in the newsletter that members receive.
Do I have to come to the meeting completely crossdressed?
At most meetings there are changing facilities available. We do ask that you arrive fully dressed as one gender.

Membership Requirements

Membership is open to any gender dysphoric individual, their spouse or partner regardless of sexual orientation, race, religion, political ideology, gender or any other discriminatory issue.

Members are responsible for dues and meeting fees.

An interview process is required for membership. Please contact the club for details.

The Crystal Club is a support group for gender dysphoric individuals and their partners or spouses.

Solicitation of sexual activities is forbidden.

Members attending meetings are required to present themselves entire in the gender role they wish to portray.

Members are required to be considerate of other members.

Offensive behavior will not be permitted. Offenders will be asked to leave. Repeat offenders risk loss of club membership.

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